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Elegance is forever




An abundance of brilliancy, volume and lightness are

the main ingredients of the Gourmette Collection 

Roberto Coin has given a modern reinterpretation to this iconic Parisian-born design that has made its way around the world and into the history of jewelry.  The soft weave that characterizes the Gourmette silhouette evokes images of long braids of nautical ropes, clad in a veil of high gloss gold with a mirroring effect that reflects each ray of sunshine and holds all of the magic of light.

With its eternal design, it’s jewelry to be recognized in family portraits as a symbol of timeless elegance.  Roberto Coin’s reinterpretation has all of the sensitivity of contemporary style. Collection has bright and volumetric in the lightness of its timeless shapes.

A revolutionary creative process in which the innovative hollow links are molded in gold and hand finished in every detail to obtain a flawless mirror effect. With great love for Italian artisanal tradition and modern reinterpretation, the bracelets, rings and earrings of Gourmette collection, more than any other, represents the double spirit of the brand – pragmatic on one hand and creative on the other, always on the quest for a new approach.