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AWDC calls to join 3rd Yoga Day!


Join AWDC and the AIA for the

3rd International Day of Yoga on June 18! 

On Sunday 18 June 2017, the third International Day of Yoga will be celebrated in Antwerp, organized by the Antwerp Indian Association (AIA) and the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC). It was a unique moment for India three years ago, when the UN General Assembly declared 21 June the “International Day of Yoga”.

Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi’s speech, in which he urged the global community to celebrate yoga on an international level, served as inspiration and catalyst for this event. With an expected 1,000 participants in Antwerp alone, this event will not only bring together an unprecedented number of yoga enthusiasts, but will also unite people across the globe in solidarity.

The event is open to everyone age 12 and up, and will take place at Park Den Brandt at the Acacialaan in Wilrijk, Antwerp.