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Cool with over 176 ct emerald!



The rare size and quality of Emeralds are mined from Zambia by the world leading miners-Gemfields. The jewel master piece is made with one 176.48 carats Emerald, 18 karat gold weighing 50.660 Gms and studded diamonds are about 12.38 carats.

These stunning Emerald Earrings have been adjudged a prestigious nominee in the ‘Coloured Gemstone Jewellery of the year’ category. Beautiful Divya Kumar Khosla at Jury meets of Retail Jeweller India Awards 2016 came across the piece & she can’t resist the attraction of the stunning master piece! At the last she tried, feel & worn to experience a great master piece!  

The Jewel is of Narayan Jewellers, represented by Ketan & Jatin Chokshi of Vadodara at the Jury meets of Retail Jeweller India Awards 2016.