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Modi dare GJ industry to join Skill University!


“If the industry is asking for university, such university is being set up, ‘Skill University’. I wish Gems-n-Jewellery (GJ) industry & trade became a partner in the Skill Development initiative by offering skillful syllabus with vision that create an environment for innovation! This is the demand of hour for the industry to join the University & to offer an industry oriented syllabus!” said Narendra Modi.

De facto GJ industry often discusses to see a Graduation in gem-n-jewellery, jewellery & PhD in jewellery like study to be available for the industry! In the context Narendra Modi dare the fraternity to take initiatives. Demand for Jewellery is huge in the globe & we have entire continuum yet we are not catering a huge chunk!

Even we have the skill of hand crated jewellery of huge global demand! We have ancient most legacies of gold & jewellery yet we could not cut big pie from huge global jewellery industry & reason is we lack R & R, innovations, breeze in designs! At the juncture this is a big challenge for us to cut a bigger pie of global jewellery industry & simply one has to accept it!

One should go innovative designs; go for a quality product with a zero defects! One should be relevant with time with sustainable growth! Just a chanting of ‘Make In India’ is not sufficient, the industry must work properly, jobs must be created, cutting edge quality must be seen & globe should believe to buy with whole of trust if it is ‘Made in India’. Industry has to grow up to this stature of global credibility!

“I assure you to provide every favour for Human Resource Development& Technology Up-gradation” said Narendra Modi. 

Nayan Jani report: