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GJ Sector, the top Black Money center!


You are those people who had been bow down governments, constrained them to withdraw which you thinks is not suitable for you! Say about imposing of Excise levy! In the past governments had been taken a step yet because of your fury they rolled back. Resultant the issue could not get sorted out, Narendra Modi said recently to gem-n-jewellery (GJ) fraternity.

First time you have realized about government, because it was a practice to meet related excise officer & get done obligations! This was a wrong practice & you have learned that government is being changed! First time you learned how mighty could be a government & equally government learned how lots of small things that form a business & how it is so difficult.

De facto the government believes tax payers are their partner in building of the nation! Yet, often a whole of industry is suffering because of fewer who break a law! This business practice books whole of the industry under the scanner. In the past Surat had same image of Tax evading, now they are modern & updated with the global ultra by following & obeying the law of the land! World salutes them!

Modi proposed to declare black money until September 30, under the scheme because government would be rather strict by the deadline for the betterment of 1.25bn people of the Nation. Gem-n-jewellery sector is the top center of black money is followed by Building construction. The government would be strict because of their policy of zero tolerance for terrorism & this terrorism is funded by black money!

“Now, the government has enforced a new rules, new system, new law in the favour of the Nation’s development & I wish you to leave up old practice, its enough” said Narendra Modi.

Nayan Jani Report