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Good news is millennial love diamonds!


Stephen Lussier, CEO-Forevermark CEO said, “Good news is millennials love diamonds!” New group of consumer wishes right through mining & up to those diamond reach to showcases are sourced rightly! The new consumers want to know from where & how diamonds have come! Each Forevermark diamond is responsibly sourced, originating at a carefully selected mine that benefits the people, community and country where it is located. Forevermark traces each diamond along its journey, ensuring strict business, environmental and social standards are met at every step.

Stephen Lussier was speaking at the 5th edition of Forevermark Forum 2016. The Forum brings together their all partners – authorized jewelers, diamantaires and manufacturers from the world over, who share our passion for perfection. It offers a platform to connect, transact and gain fresh perspective on the way forward. So Forevermark can continue, as one, the pursuit of brilliance that defines our creations.

According to Sachin Jain, President (India), 2015 were very interesting & we added about 32 markets, added about 200 stores! As of today, Forevermark is present in 38 countries, 1800 doors! He said: “our four months campaign would start from August 2016.”

As of today Forevermark diamond has global sales over one billion US dollar!