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Zodiac-Inspired Jewellery: Leo


Dignified. Proud. Creative. Confident. These are some of the traits of Leo. The sign for those born between July 23rd and August 22nd also has the good fortune of having a lion as its symbol, which has inspired jewellery designers to make magnificent creations.

Leos are natural born leaders. These fiercely beautiful antique lion cufflinks instantly communicate authority and would feel right at home in a boardroom or corner office. The origin of the symbol of Leo is wrapped in myth and legend. It was supposedly inspired by the Nemean lion, a marauding beast that terrorized the populace of ancient Greece.

It had a hide so thick that it could not be pierced by weapons, so Herakles (Hercules) killed it with his bare hands. The goddess Hera placed the fallen beast in the heavens. A bold and spectacular suite designed by Pierre Tourraine features a pride of lions, perfect for someone celebrating an August birthday.  1: Two lions hold small round diamonds in their mouths and sit on top of two large pierced discs that form a pair of earrings in 18K yellow gold.

2: The lion motif repeats in the 18K choker with the lion holding a sparkling diamond circle. 3:Completing the set is a striking 14K yellow gold ring with a lion’s head set with two small round diamonds.The lion is also an ancient and universal symbol. The Great Sphinx of Giza is a man’s head resting on a lion’s body.

The Hindu goddess Durga rides a lion. Stylized sculptured lions are found throughout Asia. The British, Scottish, and Welsh coat of arms are emblazoned with lions. And in the United States, two lions front the New York Public Library. In China, the lion is considered a holy animal and represents power and prestige.

Leo is a sun sign and what better way to celebrate the sun than with this fiery Steinmetz yellow gold and diamond sun brooch that was presented to former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright at International Gemological Symposium in 2006.While the depiction of the lion may change over the centuries and across cultures, it often symbolizes virtues like courage, honor, and strength.

Although Leos are known to be action-oriented, sometimes even a lion has to rest.  This natural interpretation of a reclining lion is crafted in yellow gold, which lends texture and color to the design. A scattering of tiny gems adds sparkle and a touch of realism to the branch below. Leo is an astrological sign asking to be rendered as jewellery.

Talented designers have obliged, and we are lucky to have their lion’s share of interpretations.