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Sapphire Collection onset of Monsoon!


With the onset of Monsoon, Dwarkadas Chandumal Jewellers unveil their Sapphire collection. The collection, inspired by the season, showcases blue sapphire jewellery encrusted with diamonds and gold. Dwarkadas Chandumal Jewellers, renowned for their magnificence and grandeur have crafted an unmatched collection of classic and contemporary jewellery, enthused by nature this season.

The collection has a range of exquisite raindrop inspired earrings, statement rings and delicate neckpieces all set in 18kt gold that are bound to leave a striking impression. The gemstone sapphire that symbolizes water adds an imperial charm to each piece making it timeless.

“Our relentless endeavour to achieve excellence guides our dedication and devotion towards crafting designs that honour the true exquisiteness that jewellery should have. Our vision? A solid belief in setting trends and making the wearer feel like the diamond that she adorns – strong and radiant.”

With smooth and intricate designs, the collection reflects purity.