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A step to cater to consumers!


Mumbai’s leading luxury jewellery brand Manubhai Jewellers, takes yet another initiative with the re-launch of their website. The portal will not only showcase the elaborate collection of fine jewellery Manubhai Jewellers boasts but also engage & interact with their consumers digitally. It will be a huge gallery of jewels and designs that are trending.

Manubhai Jewellers aspires to bring real jewellery stories from real people to the consumers of today with this portal. It is a new and interactive way for consumers to look at jewellery and will be constantly updated with fashion and trend related articles and videos.

It will host various videos on style tips for various occasions and personalities, videos that educate about jewellery, videos on different types of jewellery in the market today, journey of a jewellery piece and much more. It will also provide a platform for consumers to come and share their jewellery experiences with the world.

In a nutshell, the aim is to not only let the consumers have a sneak peak of Manubhai Jewellers collections but also talk about various jewellery related topics.