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GII launches Quick check Instrument!


Recently, Gemmological Institute of India (GII) unveils ‘Quick-Check’ instrument in the presence of Praveenshankar Pandya, Anoop Mehta, Russell Mehta, Arvind Parekh & amid key diamond players with the whole of team of M B Sastry- who invented & developed the instrument for immediate detection of Synthetic diamonds & GII chairman Bakul Mehta.

The Quick Check is a great R & D effort by the scientists & engineers at Arotek. The designed instrument is capable enough to detect diamonds of any size & shape of HPHT Type IIb Synthetic origin within 30 seconds with 100% of accuracy! The instrument can also detect HPHT Type IIb synthetic diamonds studded in jewellery. Quick Check can segregate mixing of synthetics from the parcel of stars & melee, be that of -6.5 & up to of -2 (0.50 cent).

At the occasion Praveenshankar Pandya said this instrument is a need of an hour though rest global players have introduced earlier, we proud of our indigenous instrument to find any mixing of synthetics with natural diamonds. Upon the successful launches, Praveenbhai said, now this is the time to market the instrument. “The idea is to stop undisclosed mixing in diamonds!”

Because of the 100% accurate instrument of user friendly that would be easy to find out any mixing & this bring offender under the scanner & punishment! This instrument can marketed around number of key market places & to be introduced to entire jewellers who can ensure their buyer- the end user!

Whole of the great R & D & detection is set transparency in the every dealing & up to the end user!