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RJC certifies Natasha Creations


RJC announced that Natasha Creations Co Ltd has achieved Certification against the 2013 Code of Practices (COP) at its manufacturing facility in Bangkok, Thailand.

“It is a pleasure to announce Natasha Creations Co Ltd has been certified against the 2013 COP. The new provisions under the 2013 COP address important issues for our Members and their supply chain. We are delighted to see Members achieving Certification against the standard and warmly congratulate Natasha Creations Co Ltd,” says Andrew Bone, RJC’s Executive Director.

The successful verification assessment was led by Kittikun Kornkasem from SGS United Kingdom Limited, one of the independent third-party auditing firms accredited by the RJC.

"We at Natasha Creations are very proud to have achieved 3-year RJC Certification. This accomplishment confirms our company's commitment to sound responsible & ethical business practices. We feel strengthened by accomplishing this and look forward to opening new business avenues thanks to our RJC Certification," says Rajeev Kapadia Managing Director at Natasha Creations Co Ltd.