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Swarovski Zirconia education workshop held


Swarovski Gemstones Business organized a Pure Brilliance Swarovski Zirconia education workshop on 20th June, 2016 in Pune. The workshop witnessed massive response from the Jewellers of Pune and entire Maharashtra and was a huge success.

Almost the entire first half of this year saw our Jewellery industry hit a record low. The Jewellers believe that the recent government policies had created very challenging and depressing situation for the entire Jewellery business. Hence the target for Swarovski workshop was to achieve the change and recapture the confidence of the Jewellers by promoting the use of quality product and services, offering them the design and trend services for creating new and innovative collection for the coming season that can attract and impress the consumers.

Further the workshop helped to educate and create awareness about the Swarovski brand and its products and value added services - shaping business opportunities for the retailers through direct association with the brand. The attendees in the workshop were gold and silver Jewellery manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, designers and stone dealers from the city of Pune and entire Maharashtra state.

Swarovski has made the workshop very interesting for the jewellers through informative presentations and interactive sessions, presenting brand and product films, showcasing the entire range of products, application lab  etc. and inspired them through the stunning trend design pieces made with Pure Brilliance Swarovski Zirconia created by our branding partners across India.

The Pure Brilliance workshop saw the overwhelming response and the excitement about the products and services that instigated consistent dialog and exchange of thoughts which was noteworthy.

The response and feedback from the Jewellers towards Swarovski education workshop was very positive and overwhelming. It was very much appreciated and valued by them in all aspects. They were very much satisfied with the information provided during the workshop. They anticipate that such workshops will be conducted by Swarovski regularly.

Mr. Hemant Modi, Director of Neptune Gold based in Mumbai – the branding partner of Swarovski Gemstones graced the event by his presence and inspired others by his comments that Swarovski Zirconia is one of the best & consistent quality stones available in the world and its brilliance can be compared anytime with the diamond.

If anyone wants Jewellery like diamonds then there is no other brand or stones available in the world that can reach close to Swarovski Zirconia. And they are very happy to use Swarovski Zirconia in their gold Jewellery and feel proud to be associated with Swarovski and selling quality products & services to their customers in India.

One of the leading retailers of Pune said that with no doubt Swarovski Zirconia Jewellery is the current and future trend in gold and Silver Industry of India.Rajendra Jain, Managing Director, India said – It`s indeed a great pleasure and wonderful opportunity for organizing the Swarovski Gemstones education workshop in Pune, one of the leading cities of India which is almost a blend of richest culture, heritage as well as modernization.

We chose the workshop at time when the Jewellery industry situation is very challenging. Our intentions was to bring back the confidence of Jewellers and support them during the difficult time and inspire them through successful stories, educate them to offer the best quality products and services, offering our design and trend services to help them in creating innovative Jewellery collection that can impress consumers and keep them one step ahead with the competition.

The pure brilliance Swarovski Zirconia workshop have become an excellent platform to educate and create awareness about Swarovski`s brand and products across entire India. Further it gives us the splendid chance to meet every one from the Jewellery industry and to collaborate with them specifically in the place where they grew up.