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Real is Rare - Real is a Diamond: IDMA


One the of most anticipated events that were held during the JCK Las Vegas show was the presentation by the Diamond Producers Association (DPA) of their generic diamond promotion program and advertising campaign toward the 2016 Fall / Winter Holiday Season. The industry has a new slogan: "Real is Rare.  Real is a Diamond."

The DPA, as is our industry at large, is looking at the millennial generation for future growth. The U.S. market remains with a 45 percent share the world's most important diamond and diamond jewelry market! With that said, we hope, really hope, that the new slogan will help drive demand and growth of diamond and diamond jewelry sales in the USA, Asia and the other major markets!  

In the context recently RonnieVanderLinden, President- IDMA expressed,  “We all strongly wish that with enough dollars and drive, ‘Real is Rare. Real is A Diamond’ will be incredibly beneficial for all of us and we kindly ask the DPA to allow the industry players to use it for promotional purposes.” 

“Of course, we hope that the DPA will cooperate one way or another with those dedicated to growing our products' market share in the global luxury consumer markets; and when that happens?! Seatbelts on!!  Together and hopefully over a short period of time, we will have’re-ignited' consumer desire for diamond and diamond jewelry! Looking at the glass half full, colleagues” Ronnie expresses further. 

The IDMA members, and we are relatively sure the global industry as well, want to propel our industry forward with higher and more profitable sales. Therefore, we urge you to keep up to date with the DPA's, the World Diamond Mark's and other efforts support them and provide them with feedback.  We need to keep our fingers on the industry's pulse and play an active role in advancing and promoting it!