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WFDB Presidents Meeting in India


According to the WFDB the next president meeting would be held in 2017 & that would be hosted by the Bharat Diamond Bourse (BDB). According to the WFDB the Israel Diamond Exchange will host 38th World Diamond Congress in 2018.

It is most likely that the BDB has to move frontward to show a road to set a transparent supply chain for the global diamond fraternity. That would be a great part of communication with affiliated diamond bourses to implement and enforce all relevant rules and regulations for transparency!

Real worry of those presidents of various bourses would be to ensure buyer confident. In the era while lab made diamond manufacturers are approaching buyers aggressively with all those advantages of lab made diamonds over the mined! It would be a prime duty of WFDB to pursue every diamond buyer the global diamond industry is well organized & regulated.

De facto, at the recently held 37th World Diamond Congress had focused upon buyer yet it is time to ensure buyer that diamond trade is very much undisputed!