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HRD organises diamond night


HRD Antwerp organised a “Diamond Night” at the Belgian embassy in Madrid to officially celebrate its newfound alliance with the Spanish gemmological laboratory, Gemacyt.

The event gathered both government officials and leading Spanish diamond and jewellery companies.Gemacyt Gemmological Laboratory, an independent, private company specialised in the certification of precious stones and jewellery, has officially been appointed HRD Antwerp Partner in 2015.

For over twenty years, HRD Antwerp and Gemacyt have been working together closely whereby Gemacyt operated as an official sales agent for HRD Antwerp’s gemmology courses and equipment and functioned as a drop-off point for diamonds and diamond jewellery to be certified in the HRD Antwerp Diamond lab.


After successfully completing a full in-house training on jewellery certification by HRD Antwerp’s expert gemmologists, Gemacyt was accredited a full partnership concerning Jewellery certification. This means that as of September 2015, the Gemacyt lab in Madrid has been able to certify diamond jewellery and issue Diamond Jewellery Reports on behalf of HRD Antwerp.