Upcoming B2B Gems & Jewellery Exhibition- 19th - 20th - 21st January 2019. Bangalore.

Grand Networking Meet of GJF-PMI 3


All India Gems and Jewellery Trade Federation (GJF) organizes the third edition of the Preferred Manufacturer of India (PMI) 2015-17, Grand Networking Meet at a glittering ceremony at Chennai. Prominent & leading jewellers are participating in this business & leisure networking meet. This is the first major event for jewellers post imposition of excise duty in jewellery sector by the Government.

The preferred manufacturers participate in the programme for the span of 2 years, consisting 2 Grand Networking Meets and 5 Regional Networking Meets, each held over a 3 day period at a 5 Star venue, GJF ensures facilitation of all services for both participants and retailers in order to promote a conducive business and networking environment, offering contemporary and trendy handmade jewellery designs that are unique in every way.

PMI provides 360o solutions to participants by fulfilling several business objectives, including enhancement of the brand’s image and expansion of market share by establishing and reinforcing business relationships with prominent retailers of India. The platform enables businesses to focus on increasing profitability by offering them a competitive advantage, save time as well as reduce marketing and promotional costs.

Mr. G V Sreedhar, GJF Chairman, said, “The PMI programme is the most dynamic and effective business networking platform, offering the best jewellery designs across India at one location. GJF has always explored new possibilities and ideas that provide structured and efficient platforms for all its stakeholders. In a fast paced business environment today, the need for speed, accuracy, delivery, service in addition to exclusivity and innovation has taken greater importance”.

Mr. Nitin Khandelwal, PMI Convener & GJF Director said, “Networking for business is the new-age mantra for successful enterprises and PMI offers manufacturers a dedicated platform that facilitates better relationship building with the country’s most prominent jewellery retailers. The programme is a perfect blend of business & Leisure experience”. GJF has so far organized PMI meets in Jaipur, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi-Gurgaon, Coimbatore, Mumbai, Goa and many more cities.

The programme has 41 Preferred Manufacturers and over 100 renowned & leading retailers are invited to visit the show. To make the event grander than its predecessors, this edition has special performance by the International Illusionist & Magician Andrew Lee on the networking night, followed by an interactive knowledge sharing session on CVD, challenges & opportunities with synthetic diamonds by Mrs. Nirpua Bhatt and a motivational session by Mr. Vijay Batra, the last day of the networking meet.

Having achieved the objectives of all its participants, PMI has been rightfully declared as one of India’s most successful B2B shows by the participants and the visitors alike. The PMI is co-convened by Mr. Sumeet Anand & Mr. Ashok Bardia, with committee members comprising Mr. Ashok Minawala, Mr. Bachhraj Bamalwa, Mr. Vinod Hayagriv, Mr. Haresh Soni & Mr. Nitin Kadam.