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Sarine Acquires AppTech


Sarine Technologies has acquired the technology and  assets  of  DiaMining, an  established  developer  of  Point  of  Sale  (PoS) applications for diamonds, gemstones and jewellery.DiaMining's solutions offer retailers and wholesalers advanced state-of-the-art PoS solutions that combine comprehensive multi-layered product information and digital imagery of their choice.

By creating an informative and stunning display, with still and video imagery along with  actual  merchandise  details,  the  app  is  designed  to  wow  the  buyer,  whether  a professional at a show or a consumer in a store, and close the sale. DiaMining's apps seamlessly integrate with many commonly used inventory management systems (IMS) and can easily be integrated to others.

This capability enables sellers to showcase their entire available inventory, whether in the specific store, at any other of a chain's outlets, in the back office or even still at their suppliers. Furthermore, by allowing the user to define inter- relationships between various suppliers' stocks, such as linking a jewellery setting from supplier A to possible stones from suppliers X and Y, DiaMining's apps can even create virtual inventory.

DiaMining's apps can thus become a key link in the supply chain by simplifying the complex end-product definition process, often made-to-order as customary in the industry. A seller can effectively pre-sell jewellery and only subsequently acquire the necessary components, significantly reducing inventory costs. DiaMining's apps are available for Android and iOS enabled devices.

Mr. Uzi Levami, Chief Executive Officer of Sarine stated, "Sarine's acquisition of DiaMining's assets will enable us to better support our customers at their actual points of sale, and to accelerate the Sarine Profile's™ adoption as an integral part of the diamond or gemstone jewellery sales process. The ability to integrate with our customers' inventory management systems will also allow us to provide a more complete solution and to offer our customers significant cost savings in inventory procurement and management."