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The Jadau from Biren Vaidya view


Polki Jadau Jewellery has been a part of India’s heritage over a very long time. The beauty of the jewellery is how each gem is encased in gold and has its reflection enhanced by the use of a silver foil completing the whole process of bringing out the beauty of each individual gem. The back of the casing is enameled by an artist with different designs and filigree work depending on period, culture and the inspiration of the artist. Biren Vaidya, MD & Creative Soul, House of Rose is expressing all about Jadau!

Because of the western influences over the years, this dying art form, like many other traditional art forms and cultures, has received little attention. House of Rose has historically presented Diamond Jewellery, and about 4 years ago, some of our patrons, who appreciate this art form of Polki Jadau Jewellery were actually pushing me to take interest and create a collection in Jadau, as they appreciated my designs and were sure that I would bring in the beauty of this legacy and bring in a fresh twist.

After being convinced by them, I started my journey with understanding the history, design style and manufacturing of the Polki Jadau Jewellery. Though the pieces may be having shellac inside, it is actually an art form and took me about a year and half to actually get my hands into it and get inspired because of a lot of study that went into it.

Though I was brought up with it all my life, when I decided to start taking an important step of moving House of Rose into creating Jadau jewellery, I had to see that it maintained the standard in our country and that I maintain the heritage, standard and quality that is expected out of a House of Rose jewelled piece. And of course, most importantly, superior design, that’s synonymous to our brand. Having said that, about 2 years ago, I started coming out with a few pieces.

The response we received for those pieces was overwhelming. Hence, we started manufacturing Polki Jadau Jewellery at our manufactory only for Mumbai and Delhi. Let me also add that besides us getting tremendous response from the kind of pieces we started selling, where in these last two years, our business in Jadau Jewellery doubled, I was surprised to see that the millennials love the idea of bringing back our tradition and heritage.

And its being appreciated and adorned by the younger generation at every wedding. Pieces leaving our manufactory, needless to say, are curated with the exacting standards that they become a part of the heirloom collection of the family. We used great quality precious, rare gems in the form of Tanzanites, Emeralds, Pearls, Diamonds, Rubies, Turmouline, to name a few and this jewellery is patronised by our discerning clientele for occasions that befit our Indian culture, tradition and heritage.