Upcoming B2B Gems & Jewellery Exhibition- 19th - 20th - 21st January 2019. Bangalore.

Pink diamond jewellery exhibition!


Rio Tinto’s Argyle Pink Diamonds has partnered with premier Danish luxury jeweller Hartmann’s to showcase the finest in beauty and design from Australia and Denmark. A unique two-day exhibition of rare Argyle pink diamond jewellery is being held at the Moltkes Palace in Copenhagen. The US$20 million jewellery exhibition comprises a number of signature pieces of Argyle pink diamond jewellery including The Copenhagen Pink, an exceptional ring with a 1.41 carat pear shaped Fancy Vivid pink diamond from the iconic Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender.

Also included in the jewellery exhibition is The Argyle Blossom, a floral masterpiece that pays homage to past Argyle Pink Diamond Tenders incorporating five pink diamonds and one violet diamond totalling 3.55 carats.

Argyle Pink Diamonds manager Josephine Johnson said “We are delighted to partner with Hartmann’s whose exquisite craftsmanship, careful custodianship and passion for Argyle pink diamonds is second to none. Peerless pink diamonds from Western Australia have found their way into the finest of bespoke Scandinavian jewellery.”

The Scandinavian market for Argyle pink diamonds has grown substantially over the past decade with a strong appreciation of the rarity, beauty and extraordinary colour palate of Australia’s most beautiful export. The owner of Hartmann’s jewellery Ulrik Hartmann - who is also a Select Atelier of Argyle Pink Diamonds - said “Argyle pink diamonds are ethically mined and crafted with an unbroken chain of custody from a remote corner of Australia and are a source of fascination for European markets. We have seen and continue to see, strong demand for these truly rare gems.”

The Argyle pink diamond jewellery collections coincides with the 2016 Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender which has been launched during a world exclusive preview in Copenhagen before the spectacular diamond collection begins a global invitation-only viewing tour.