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Grau Bar Design attains Center of Excellence Certificate!


Mr. Premkumar Kothari, Chairman of Gem &Jewellery Skill Council of India (GJSCI) has awarded a certificate of `Center of Excellence’ to Grau Bar Design, Indore headed by Mr. Parag Vyas, who has been an expert, engaged in training of candidates for Worldskill Competitions. 

Mr. Parag Vyas also has been certified as a `Master Trainer’.  Highlights of the Memorandum of Understanding are as under:

1. A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between Mr. Parag Vyas and GJSCI whereby Mr. Parag Vyas would train candidates who have been selected by GJSCI’s Technical Committee.  The candidates would be trained for the upcoming Worldskill Competition, Abu Dhabi, 2017 Kazan, Worldskill Competition 2019 as well as Worldskill Competition 2021.

Currently 4 candidates are undergoing this training.  Out of the 4 candidates, 2 candidates will be shortlisted for Worldskill Competition, Abu Dhabi 2017 and the other 2 candidate will be trained for Worldskill Competition 2019.

2. A succession plan is initiated to take over training of the candidates for the future Worldskill Competitions from 2021 onwards.  Under the mentorship of Mr.Parag Vyas, 4 candidates will be shortlisted for this special training which will be monitored by GJSCI by 2017.

3. Mr. Parag Vyas has been entrusted with preparing a Manual and a Video for training candidate for the Worldskill Competitions, and thus, this will broad base the basic training PAN India in all the Institutes and large manufacturing units.

4. GJSCI will support Mr. Parag Vyas to set up Train the Trainer Institute, with a capacity of training 25 Master Trainers every year.

5. A special grooming course will be developed for all Worldskill candidates to become Master Trainers to effectively utilise their skills and knowledge to impart quality training.  They shall also utilise these skills to provide training to the faculty of other Technical Institutes in the gem &jewellery industry.  They can also go out into the Industry and train their In-house Supervisors.

6. Mr. Parag Vyas would do research on developing customized tools which would be beneficial for effective and quality production as regards India traditional jewellery.

7. Create a Manual for ergonomically designed seating arrangement for the Indian artisans involved in production of Indian traditional jewellery which would be beneficial in terms of creating longevity of working life span of the artisans.