Upcoming B2B Gems & Jewellery Exhibition- 19th - 20th - 21st January 2019. Bangalore.

Special Monsoon collection!


This special collection for monsoons by jewellery designer Renu Oberoi consists of exquisite creations which are apt for a monsoon wedding, brunch or a cocktail soiree. Infusing the spirit of rains, this collection celebrates the earthy and fresh vibes of the season.


The new collection is a mix of versatile jewellery incorporated with diamonds and coloured stones. Renu has integrated semi-precious stones with precious stones which is unique for the Indian clientele.

Stones like turquoise are fused blue sapphires, emeralds with corals, pink sapphires with rubies, yellow topaz with yellow diamonds and white diamonds. It’s an intricate blend which will mesmerize your senses. Versatility and contrast are the hallmarks of the collection ranging from mid length ear-rings, studs, jhumkas, neckpieces, long pearl clasps, cuffs, rings, etc. Using a special Turkish technique little exquisite gold based jewellery will be the part of the collection.

The collection is synonymous with the label’s principles of comfort and class, so let’s groove in the festive fervour.