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Ravishing Reyna Collection by PNG


Nature is the ultimate symbol of beauty, it’s poetry that most of us never notice, and it’s a giant canvas where exquisite sketches are made every day in all its simplicity and vividness. The ravishing Reyna Collection by PNG Jewellers is deeply inspired by the epitome of beauty, nature and is as élan and breathtaking as the inspiration itself.

The term Reyna stands for ‘The Queen’ in Spanish and the collection is every bit royal. This delightful range exudes the charm of Nature with sparkling diamonds, real precious gemstones and the subtle majesty of white gold. Reyna breathes life into the effervescence of Nature through the rhythmic patterns of raindrops, the wild creepers, and a colorful butterfly. The absolute amalgamation of the charisma of nature and excellence of artistry that brings out the queen in every woman, this range has an identity of its own.

The aesthetic Jardin Collection radiates the magnificence of a heavenly garden that beholds the color of flowers, the silent tale of the creepers and the whimpers of the butterflies. The Rainfall collection as the name suggests, tells the tales of first rain after a warm summer.

The Wraps collection is beguiling as it artistically symbolizes the folds and unfolds of Nature, the amusing patterns which unfold the mystery of the wild and the moods of nature. Bold and Beautiful Collection is inspired by Structural 3D's which represents the majestic and royal expression of life that talks about your persona and retains your aura. From intricate and delicate pendants to regal rings and more, this collection is the manifestation of pulchritude.