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Handcrafted Luxury Jewellery


Nayirah, a luxury jewellery brand offering handcrafted costume and silver based jewellery was started by Jewellery Couturier Akanksha Chowdhry. A big jewellery lover herself, Akanksha often use to observe the lack of good quality costume jewellery in the Indian market. Either the quality was compromised on or the designing and where both requirements were fulfilled, the prices were exorbitant.

And thus Nayirah was born, with a vision to create exotic designs for today's woman, without compromising on the quality and craftsmanship at fair prices.The name Nayirah is derived from the Quran which means a woman full of 'noor' (light). We at Nayirah believe that beauty lies in the soul of a woman and we help in accessorizing the frame that holds it! Nayirah is an ode to the beautiful soul of a woman!

With superfine quality and exemplary craftsmanship, Nayirah offers a wide array of designs to choose from. The collection includes an exotic range of ethnic and contemporary jewellery. Specializing in natural stone jewellery made with non-faceted stones such as rose quartz, amethyst, agate and more. Nayirah an ideal destination of jewellery also offers jewellery made with Swarovski elements and Austrian crystals.

A team of 7 artisans work under the designer to bring out the finest designs. About 70-80 designs are created at a given time comprising a sensuous cocktail ring to a trendy pair of earrings, a vintage choker with pearls to beautifully handcrafted bridal jewellery; you can find everything under one roof at Nayirah.

According to Jewellery Couturier, Akanksha Chowdhry, "You can't always use words to describe your personality. But your appearance does it all the time. And what you wear plays a significant role in the construction of your overall personality. I believe one of the biggest perks of being a woman is that unlike men, we can wear makeup and adorn all that jewellery. And since we're one up on that, why settle for anything but the best?