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Sooner the IBJA will launch a helpline number!

This is the update today by Nayan Jani, earlier the write-up was published on march 29, because of two points: 1: section of jewellers who was protesting have turned without achieving anything & 2: IBJA President Mohit Kamboj also commented today!

De facto the union government remained very clear about the imposed 1% of levy though jewellers protested the Imposition of 1% Central Excise duty on jewellery. Time to time the union government clarified every issue which were raised by jewellers associations & also ensured yet the mega rally held in Delhi.

The government viewed the issue in to two parts, 1: imposition of 1% - where jewellers has no issue, & 2: fear of Inspector Raj – where the government assured well all those jewellers who had been protested. Even a day ahead of the Mega Rally, Delhi the Union reacted faster & issued its’ press release to ensure all those stake holders of the jewellery industry.

De facto according to Nayan Jani, Veteran editor of gem & jewellery industry & trade media, “leaders of jewellery industry had met Revenue Secretary & Chairman of Central Board of Excise & Customs on March 17. And the officials had clarified every point & also ensured.”  

Just a day before the Mega Rally, Delhi, officially had been said by the government that, 1: In case of jewellery manufactured on job work basis, the liability to take registration, pay duty and to file return is on the principal manufacturer and not on the job worker. 2: Further, exemption from excise duty up to the clearance limit of Rs. 6 Crore is available to a jewellery manufacturer if his aggregate value of domestic clearances is less than Rs. 12 Crore in the preceding financial year.

3: Artisans and job-workers are not covered within the ambit of this duty and thus they are not required to take registration, pay duty, file returns and maintain any books of account. 4: A jewellery manufacturer having turnover less than Rs. 12 Crore during the preceding financial year and less than Rs. 6 Crore in the current financial year is not required to take registration and file return.

“De facto, getting after huge assurance from the union government, no reason remained to protest further!” says Nayan Jani. And in the accordance with the government policy, immediately on March 21 the government by considering jewellers appeal & protest announced the Constitution of sub-committee of the High Level Committee. In this regard, it has been decided to constitute a Sub-Committee of the High Level Committee to Interact with Trade & Industry on Tax Laws, chaired by Dr. Ashok Lahiri.

Further clarified that the committee which will consist of: a. three representatives of the trade [to be decided by the Government]; b. one legal expert [to be decided by the Government]; c. officer concerned from the Ministry of Commerce & Industry [MoC&I] to be nominated by the MoC&I; and d. high level officials from the central excise department to be nominated by the Central Board of Excise and Customs. The composition of the Sub-Committee will be circulated once the names of its members are finalized.

By knowing all these facts the leaders of GJF – the national body for gem-n-jewellery & IBJA like associations announced strike off! Not only that the another jewellers Association informed their stake holders-n-members about the formation of high level committee & said: “A High level committee is formed to look in to powers and duties of excise department with regard to jewellery business which will submit its report to central government about problems faced by jewellers from excise duty.”

Mohit Kamboj, President IBJA also informed their members that, further following decision is taken: 1. No jewellers is required to take excise number for 60 days.2. No search, seizure or warrant can be issued against any jewellers.3: Strike is over and jewellers can do business like before. 4: In 60 days Leaders and other Association will jointly get a solution with government for rules and powers of excise department & the association will follow with Central Government for other procedure in this regard.

Now the point is while big jewellers association & GJF like national body call off the strike one has to focus the wedding season & also to focus May 16, the most auspicious day! Section of jewellers has to learn that the demand of hour is to get organized, to keep proper presentations and adapt transparency! Even during the strike period,  many players had stayed away who were convinced that the government is right!

Today the IBJA said, 'After 42 days people r back on business , the facts which Mohit Kamboj told everyone after the Delhi protest on March19, no one ever accepted and some people have formed Action Committee for total roll back , some people have now not only made loss of business of jewellers but also have spoiled image of industry in government eyes and in country. '

'IBJA is apex body which talk facts and is a channel between industry and Government , industry should now realise how some people play not only with people & business but also life and career of our jewellery fraternity. Any Association or there Directors should have guts to talk facts and keep facts in front of their members , taking lies and spreading rumors should stop and such people should resign from their post and such regional associations should be boycotted , adds IBJA today.

Now it is the duty of  IBJA and its board duty to see that all demands to be fulfilled by GoI and to ensure no jeweller is harassed by and excise department. Sooner the IBJA will launch a helpline number for all its member who can call on if anyone is harass by any excise department. IBJA President Mohit Kamboj Personally stand with all its member and will see personally to ensure hassle free jewellery business.'