GJ Hub India......GJ Hub Jewellery Show-Bangaluru-2017.....On September 2,3,4, 2017.....Gems & Jewellery Show at the Lalit Ashoka Hotel.....Jewellery Fashion Show Nite on September 03, 2017....Contact for Fashion Show slot....Book at: 09833209392, 09028608311 .....GJ Hub India.....

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Diamond & Market attitude!
Recently Nirav Bhansali talk about the IIJS 2015 & its new layout. During the addressing about the IIJS 2015 he also said, last two, three years remained tough for diamond market! On the other hand mining fraternity says in one voice that the diamond pipeline is facing a problem of financing, liquidity issue not an issue has been created by oversupply. Yet the real point is over pricing of rough that has been focused at the edit of this issue.


IIJW Glory 2015
New Jewellery Launch
Diamond INdustry India

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